Tendon Injuries

A tendon is a tough band of fibrous connective tissue that connects muscle to bone and is capable of withstanding tension. These tendons may often get injured by activity or movement. Tendon injuries are categorized as Tendinitis.

The tendon gets inflamed or irritated and causes pain near a joint. The main example being the Achilles tendon. Tendinitis is believed to be caused by repetitive movements or overuse.

Tenosynovitis: The lining of the sheath surrounding the tendon gets inflamed and mostly occurs at wrists, hands and feet. Tenosynovitis is believed to be caused by infection, injury, strain or overuse.

Avulsion: An acute injury where the tendon gets torn from its place on a bone. It occurs in areas where large muscle attaches to smaller bone like that of the heel.

Tendinosis: A chronic degenerative process where there’s no inflammation. However, there may be scar tissue or calcium deposits in the tendon.

Where does your foot hurt?

  • The Back of the Foot – The Achilles Tendon; connects the calf muscle to the heel bone
  • The Inside of the Foot – The Posterior Tibial Tendon; runs along the inside of the ankle and foot
  • The Front of the foot – The Anterior Tibial Tendon; runs along the front part of the ankle and foot
  • The Outside of the foot – The Peroneal Tendon; wraps across the bottom of your foot


During the exam, the doctor will examine your foot and ankle for any redness, swelling, or feeling of warmth. There are also two main tests that will help determine the problem:

  1.  X-rays may be taken just in case you broke your bones.
  2. MRI will most likely be taken to identify any tendon damage.


Controlling the pain and swelling will help reduce the symptoms; however a doctor is a must.

    1. Ice – Generic way to prevent further swelling and reduce pain
    2. Rest – This allows the tissues inside your foot to heal
    3. Medications – Ibuprofen, aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications
    4. Injections – if the other treatments don’t help, your doctor might suggest injections of medication near the painful area


Physical Therapy – Exercise to help restore movement and strength.
Bracing – To protect the injured tendon and allow it to function properly.