Thank you for your interest in our practice. At The Ankle & Foot Clinic of Erie, we have been providing the most complete and thorough podiatric care within the Tri-State area since 1997.

Our goal is simple; to provide prompt, courteous and professional services in every aspect of your health care. The office staff and I are dedicated to excellence in patient care. In addition to our outstanding care, you will notice how friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and quick our staff is with every appointment. We call this “Signature Service”; our existing patients call it “amazing”. I believe these behaviors create a more satisfying experience and you should expect them at every visit.

At our practice we understand the value of listening to your concerns and working with you in your road to recovery. When you have foot pain or ankle pain, you need an experienced physician who will not only be able to diagnose your problem but effectively treat it as well. I will provide you with the most current and optimum treatment available to ensure you will receive the most favorable outcomes.

At The Ankle & Foot Clinic of Erie we have gone to great lengths to ensure your visit exceeds your expectations. Some examples of this can be seen in our new state of the art medical facility. Many new enhancements were designed for the comfort and health of our patients. During your first visit, you will notice in our reception area we offer Bariatric Seating which provides added strength and support for all patient populations. All wood surfaces have been treated with “SilverBan” technology using silver ions for anti-microbial protection which inhibits bacteria; thus fighting the spread of germs and infection.

In our exam rooms we offer exam chairs that easily position you to feel comfortable and relaxed throughout your foot exam. Each room is equipped with high quality and trusted equipment to deliver the most efficient care. The new look of our facility is both professional and modern so you enjoy the overall experience. Many of our patients have commented they felt like they were at a spa rather than a doctor’s office because the colors and the facility had a soothing effect.

As a physician, the highest compliment one can receive is continual referrals from our current patients. If your visit is exceptional and you feel we are worthy of the standards that we claim to stand for, then please tell your friends and family members about us. We will treat them with the same professional care that you expect. We still offer same day scheduling, early and evening appointments and plenty of free parking. To schedule an appointment, please click here.

We are continually looking for any opportunity to improve patient care. If for some reason you are not completely satisfied or have a question or concern in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact our office or the Executive Director at (814) 835-3800.

Brian E. Mussett, D.P.M.