Dr. Mussett and his staff provide comprehensive foot care for people of all ages, including pediatric podiatry. From routine checkups to surgical care, The Ankle & Foot Clinic of Erie is equipped to handle all your foot and ankle care needs. Different lifestyles and the aging process can result in injuries and foot pain. With a proper treatment plan, however, these conditions can be alleviated or cured. Dr. Mussett is dedicated to aiding his patients in finding a balance between comfort, fashion, activity and treatment.

At The Ankle & Foot Clinic of Erie, the clinical team will work together to bring you medical treatment with a personal touch in a professional, friendly environment. Our administrative staff will make your appointments, help with any insurance issues and, if they arise, be available for any other needs while you are in our office.

We hope that you will join us as a partner in your own care by keeping us informed about important information, asking questions and sharing your point of view.

We offer non surgical and surgical treatments for adults and children to eliminate or relieve many common problems of the foot and ankle including:

Achilles Tendonitis Corns Geriatric Foot Care Nail Fungus
Ankle Fracture Crush Injuries Gout Neuromas
Ankle Sprains Diabetic Foot Care Hammertoes Plantar Fasciitis
Arthritis Flat Feet Heel Pain Thickened Nails
Athlete’s Foot Fractures Ingrown Toenails Ulcers
Bunions Fungal Problems Injuries Vascular Disease
Calluses Ganglionic Cysts Keratosis Warts


In addition, we offer medical treatment and care relating to:

  1. Infections, wounds and broken bones
  2. Reconstructive foot and ankle surgery
  3. Arthroscopic foot and ankle surgery
  4. Traumatic injuries requiring ankle and foot surgery, including worker’s compensation
  5. Wound management and limb salvage