Summer Foot Care

Posted: August 1, 2017 10:09 am


Everyone should be familiar with their feet and check them over on a regular basis. Things to look for would include:  discolored areas of the skin, thick or discolored nails, cracks or cuts in the skin, and lumps or bumps.  Thoroughly dry your feet and in between your toes to avoid infection and never put lotion in between your toes; viruses thrive in moist conditions.

Don’t forget your feet when applying sunscreen this summer. There are many hazards during the summertime for your feet such as: viruses, foreign bodies, and sunburn.

A single pair of flip flops can harbor a whopping 18,000 bacteria, including Staphylococcus. Over wearing flip flops can cause stress fractures, heel pain and tendonitis, and can exacerbate hammertoes. These are not shoes that we should wear from 8am til 8pm.

Walking barefoot is one of the great joys of summer, but be cautious of contracting viruses such as: warts, fungus, foreign bodies, or skin infections.  Hot temps mean sweaty feet which increases risk of infection.

Whether you suffer from; flat feet, hammertoes, bunion, ingrown nails, nail fungus, skin disorders, an old sports injury, dull aching pain, rough or callused skin, or troublesome warts, Dr. Mussett can properly diagnose and treat your conditions. For your convenience we offer in house x-rays, custom braces and orthotics, and medical strength over the counter medications for treatment of numerous conditions.

During your visit you will experience a complete foot check that includes looking for skin melanomas which can occur due to sun exposure.


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