Treat Your Feet!!

Posted: April 1, 2017 3:10 pm


April is National Foot Health Awareness Month, which makes now the perfect time to get your feet back in shape.  Just about everything you do during the day involves being on your feet.  Did you know there are about 7,200 nerve endings in your foot?

Tips For Healthy Feet!!!!!  Everyone should be familiar with their feet and check them over on a regular basis.  Things to look for would include:  thick or discolored nails, cracks or cuts in the skin, and lumps or bumps.  Thoroughly dry your feet and in between your toes to avoid infection and never put lotion in between your toes; viruses thrive in moist conditions.  Keep your feet soft, by applying moisturizing lotion every day to the top, bottom and heel of your foot.  You should always try to avoid walking barefoot, this action leaves your feet prone to injury or infection.  Make sure that your shoes fit properly and always replace worn out shoes.  The best time to try on shoes is in the afternoon because your feet expand about 5% throughout the day.

Whether you suffer from; flat feet, hammertoes, bunion, ingrown nails, nail fungus, skin disorders, an old sports injury, dull aching pain, rough or callused skin, or troublesome warts, Dr. Mussett will assist you with feeling better.  For your convenience we offer in house x-rays, custom braces and orthotics, and medical strength over the counter medications for treatment of numerous conditions. Call to schedule your appointment today.


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