Looking for Stocking Stuffers?

Posted: December 1, 2016 3:06 pm


Are you looking for useful stocking stuffers for the Christmas holiday?  We have just the items for those stockings in our office.  Do you have a family member with muscle pain, our biofreeze offers cold therapy pain relief and comes in a roll on or gel for your convenience.  Who can’t use relief from the itchy, scaly skin of this Erie weather?  We offer a lotion to smooth that dry skin during these cold weather months.  Perhaps you suffer from dry calloused feet during these winter months, we also offer a lotion designed to smooth those callouses and cracked skin.

We also offer a variety of slippers in our office.  Catalogs are available and we do have samples in our office for viewing.  They are recommended for diabetic patients due to their thicker padding and wider toe box, however everyone can benefit from them and they make great gifts.

Preventative Tips:

During the cold winter months be sure to check the termperature of your feet, many people who suffer from neuropathy are unaware of the temperature of their feet and this can lead to frostbite.  Remember to bundle up those piggies and wear warm boots or shoes.  Be sure to dry in between your toes to avoid fungal infections and ulcerated skin.


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