Nail Care

Posted: November 1, 2016 1:28 pm


Fun Fact:  Men’s nails grow faster than women.

Did you know? Your insurance may cover a visit to your podiatrist every 9 weeks for nail care.  This is an important part of foot care if you are diabetic or have peripheral vascular disease.  Dr. Mussett will be able to make an assessment of your physical health by looking at your nails.  Do you find it getting harder to cut your own nails due to painful, thick and brittle nails?  These obstacles can be overcome with a visit to Dr. Mussett.

Long nails can lacerate the skin of adjacent toes or can pull off and cause an open wound or blood blister of the nail bed.  Proper debridement of nails by Dr. Mussett on a regular basis greatly decreases your chance of getting ingrown nails that can lacerate the skin and cause soft tissue and bone infections.  Treatment of thick nails can decrease the chances of getting ulcerations or sores of the nail bed.

Did you know?  During your nail visit Dr. Mussett will perform a complete foot check including treatment of calluses or skin lesions.  Treatment for these conditions are usually covered by your insurance.  With his many years of experience, Dr. Mussett has proven methods to evaluate and treat thick, brittle or discolored nails.

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